Who are the girls of St. Chanel Academy?
Easy! We are a group of girls who live around the world, all brought together by fashion.

Fashion Backstory: Well, I've been involved fashion ever since I was a little girl,whether it was modeling or shopping :P and in November of 2010, I started my blog, A Bent Piece Of Wire. I hoard fashion magazines, and cool shoes. My worst nightmare is going out and running into someone dressed just like me. :P I live in Cali, but not in the cool part :P  I love finding other girls my age who love fashion as much as I do, so this is REALLY exciting. :)

 Daxia from Silk and Satan
Fashion Backstory: I am a personal style blogger, after reading other blogs and being inspired by them. Living in NYC has really helped my blogging because I have more ideas about what to blog about. I love Seventeen magazine and Teen Vogue. My dream is to one day be featured in one of them. It will come true!

Catriona from Lace et Leather
Fashion Backstory: I was designing my own outfits since I can remember. I do Fashion as a subject at school and absolutely love it. I prefer to create my own trends rather than following Vogue or something like that (not that I don't buy Vogue) . What I like the most is old fashioned style clothing and grunge looks which I have recently got into. My Favourite accessories would be more stuff to go in my hair or weird glasses.

Fashion Backstory: I have loved fashion since I was a toddler, as seen through the pictures of me in my favorite outfit at the time (a red dress with a sparkly sunflower, purple tights, huge silver heels and white bugeye sunglasses :)). My style is everchanging; definitely not with trends :). Some of my signatures I would say are classic silhouettes in bright colors, converse and killer jeans :). In my school full of wardrobes only of abercrombie and fitch, I strive to bring something new and different. Somedays I am toboyish and messy while other days I am preppy and put together, another thing that sets me apart from my friends. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, a city on the east coast of Canada. Eastern Canada has a reputation as fishermen who wear kilts, but I think I defy the stereotypes :).

Fashion Backstory: I never followed the trends like, ever. But I kind of like a few of the new trends that are around these days. I like the 80s style clothing. What I like the most is Hot topic t-shirts and a lot of HT bracelets, a hoodie, skinny jeans either blue or grey, vans or converse on my feet. I like dark eye make-up, and lip gloss. I also love anything glittery. My favorite accessories are my pyramid belt, my blue bow with white polka dots, my cupcake and doughnut earrings and rubber bracelets/beaded bracelets and necklaces. :)


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    The Idea of your blog is amazing!! Following you now on GFC ! I would love if you could do the same <3
    Lali pops of colour

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